Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Star Wars: The New Clone Wars

Don't Miss out on The Clone Wars

Some Star Wars fans embrace the arrival of Rebels. Some don't. This post is for those that wish The Clone Wars still existed and Rebels can not replace it. Although there is currently only one episode out, and is not the best, it can become bigger if more Star Wars fans gathered together to support it.

In the description of the first episode it says:
'This series called the 'New Star Wars the Clone Wars' is a fan made series (hopefully) showing different events in the Clone Wars, using Star Wars Battlefront II. It is non-profit and is made for fun. I do not own any of these soundtracks or themes. They belong to LucasArts, Star Wars, Disney, etc. It is made for the sole purpose for Star Wars fans that miss the old Clone Wars series to enjoy. If you're here because you miss the old series, I hope you enjoy this.'

The first episode can be found at this link:

Leave a like there, to show your support. Subscribe so you don't miss anything new about it and share it with family and friends to gather others to support it too.

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