Sunday, 12 October 2014

My favourite Top 5 Youtubers

As myself a not too famous youtuber I have 5 youtubers that I watch all the time, who I think put a lot of quality into their videos and are very helpful and cool. You should check them out and like their videos, comment on them and of course subscribe.

1. TheDiamondMinecart

The first one I'd like to go over is this on called TheDiamondMinecart. He uploads at least once a day but usually two times. He has a second channel for awesome vlogs he makes which kind of makes it count as three. He has one of the best quality of videos and he does not swear making his channel a bit like a family channel as well as the content in it. If you play Minecraft, you have a high chance of knowing him. He plays other games than Minecraft which are really cool. I recommend you to go check him out at


TurtleDerp is a less famous youtuber than the first but he, to me is one of the best because he usually uploads things like tips and tricks, _ things you didn't know about_ and much more useful things. He has many useful things you can learn from and if you're bored in Minecraft then go check out his Things to do videos. He just has heaps of things to enjoy because when I click on one of his videos, I literally can't keep on clicking on the other videos by him in the recommendation bar to the right. TurtleDerp uploads a lot and usually one every two days from my position. Watch and enjoy his videos at

3. CaptainSparklez

Moving on to CaptainSparklez, the most famous of all I'll be talking about he has currently eight million subscribers. He may not be at the top but he is still very good. He uploads very good videos and does not use much coarse language and uploads usually about once per day. He can sometimes have cool reviews of something new in Minecraft. He only uploads Minecraft and Garry's mod but I don't watch it. Go and appreciate his videos at


Hero is a guy that uploads only my second favourite game which is Terraria. He used to upload a lot but then he stopped. Now again he made a video saying that he would make heaps of videos like a playthroughs, more reviews and loads more starting somewhere in October. For the meantime you could go watch his old videos which are really good. Check his Terraria Wiki account at at and show him that you love his videos at


Last but not least is Pedguin. Pedguin knows Hero and is his friend so you might think of course they both play Terraria. On different places of the Internet, it says Pedguin is 6 Years younger than Hero. He does epic playthroughs that are must watches and much more. One reason for less subscribers is that he uploads more on twitch and less on youtube so go there and check it out because his videos are awesome and of course I watch him all the time so go to his twitch and follow him at Go as well of course watch his youtube for cool videos at He also is on the wiki so go here for awesomeness


Of course, kind of an extra I have to mention my brother Mainworks. I will not provide further explanation about him but his channel is on my Youtube channel so check it out or go here

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And that's pretty much it!

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