Friday, 18 April 2014

Top 5 Games That You Must Play

There are five top games that Mainsaja1 and I have to tell you about because we recommend them for you and are very entertaining. Both Mainsaja1 and I will be telling you the games you absolutely have to play.

Ikanbiru's and Mainsaja1's Top 5 Games

1. Minecraft 
This is an absolutely wonderful game and I really recommend this to you the most since you can do almost anything on earth and the way it is designed just shocking since you can do so many things. There are also so many extensions you can add to it but there is already a post about it on this blog. is the link to the official Minecraft website: minecraft is not violent and I recommend it for ages 5+
Terraria inspired by Minecraft is just epic. Kinda like a 2D version of it. The gameplay of these kind of games is just so cool the way the format is, the way they make it is just so well. You can adventure down to dark caves, make heaps'o stuff, a village just like Minecraft! I seriously recommend this for anyone out there who can get it.
3. Spiral knights
Spiral knights is wonderful for all the good game play. It is just full of what I love, swords, guns, armour and magical creatures. If you really love games that include things like that get this. It is not very violent so I recommend it for ages 10+

4. Roblox
Roblox is a brilliant game because it is a game where you can create games and play games. It is very easy to make games by using the things made by other people online or upload your own textures.  Others make games as well and are supremely satisfying and funny to play with others online. I would recommend this game for ages 6+. You can play this game at

5. Club Penguin
Club Penguin is a fun game that you can play little mini games, earn in-game coins, adopt pets which are these cute, round  and fluffy pets and can make new friends. On this game you are a penguin and you can own a house and live a new life on this huge iceberg island There are always these fun events going on that you cannot ever miss. I recommend this game for ages 4+ but that doesn't mean it is for babies. you can find this game at

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