Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Minecraft book to be released soon!

Right now I'm writing this story that currently has no name, but don't leave me a blank face because we first came up with "A Day in the Life of Steve" or also "The Journey of Steve". I will go over the book and those two names as well.

Origin of the names

So, first we came up with "A Day in the Life of Steve" which was a pretty simple name but when you think of it, is the story just one day in his life or is it a whole Quest/Journey thing? That's where "The Journey of Steve" came in. The name wasn't a really suitable thing for the story but, if you like any of those names, make sure you comment below to tell me or just give me a brand new name from your mind.

What the Story is About

Well, the story is about a bit less than three quarters finished, and so far what we know of the story is that, of course, there's this main character called Steve that was chosen to be placed in this blockish world called Minecraft.(I bet you didn't know that!) So, on his journey through life he encounters thieves, a wild thunderstorm and lots of things. He makes friends on his quest, currently the two twins, Jack and John. Right now, John is a kind of hunter scout and Jack is a blacksmith. They both belong to a village that Steve ended up in. The story is exciting, with different things going on. Here is a little excerpt from the book and the picture above that goes with it.

Then he ran for the entrance. Everything around him was collapsing. He had to make it out. The walls cracked and quaked then finally sealed him in with a little crack left.

“At least I still have air.” Steve murmured.

So, that is pretty much what my blog post is for today, hope your bursting to get my book!

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